How I Buy Home Depot Gift Cards From GiftCard Zen | HomeDepot

By Gavin | August 07, 2018

Today I want to show you how I buy Home Depot Gift Cards, people he gives cards from gift cards, so I want to preface that, I have a U.S. student, and I am buying with my US PayPal account, so one time on gift cards in

I would click on the Home Depot icon, if you don't see Home Depot icon, you can just search it in the search box here, this message will pop up, just click I understand, I normally buy $100 gift cards with filtered by 100 to 250, and I would sort the value, and once I find the card that I'm interested in, I would add it to my cart, it's really important that you only buy whole number cards, because this will almost guarantee that you can use it on Home Depot's online website, if it has a value that is not a whole number like this, for example, then the chances are it's a merchandise credit, which means you can only use it in a physical store, so it's really important that you pick whole values, like 25 dollars, 50, 100, 250 or 500.

Once you have selected the cards that you need, then you can just pay for it, you can either pay for it using a credit card or PayPal, I normally just pay using PayPal, once you pay for it then your cards will show up in your email address, and then you can open up the email and go directly to get the gift card number and PIN.

Hope this has been helpful to you.