HomeDepot Military Discount

By Gavin | October 12, 2018

I'm with with some information about the home depot military discount program. When I first started to research this post, I went to the Home Depot website, but could not locate any information about the military discount program.

Now perhaps they're in the process of editing the information and maybe it will be available in the future, but since I want it to be as accurate as possible, I sent an email to the corporate customer service folks, and the information in this post comes from their response.


If you have any questions about the Home Depot military discount program talk to the local store manager before you make a purchase. Now before we talk about who qualifies for the Home Depot military discount, let's review the discount terms and conditions.

The discount terms and conditions

  1. You must ask for the military discount at the time of purchase.

  2. The discount is available on in-stock special order merchandise and online purchases up to $500.

  3. The discount cannot be applied with any other discount promotion and or coupons.

  4. The discount is not available for installation services, now I take that to mean labor or for deliveries from the store or the service provider.

  5. The discount is only available on the day of the purchase and does not apply to previous purchases.

  6. Pro customers who qualify can use this discount for their purchases, but cannot apply this discount to their business transactions or pay with their business accounts.

  7. If you would like to utilize the military discount online please contact Home Depot's online customer service team at 843-345-6074, all of those who are in the military reserves and their immediate family members, all veterans with a service-connected disability who possess a Veterans Administration ID card with the words service-connected under their picture.

All civilian employees retirement have a discount

Finally, all civilian employees who retired from a military base in all cases it is the customer's responsibility to provide proof of military service, in most cases, this will be in the form of the military issued ID card, a military dependent issued ID card, or a Veterans Administration issued an ID card.

Finally, please don't forget that the Home Depot is under no obligation to offer this discount, they do so to honor those of us who served in the US military. This discount is intended for military personnel and should not be abused in any fashion.

In other words, don't run around your neighborhood telling everyone that you can go to Home Depot and make purchases for them to save them 10%.

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