Claim Your Home Depot Benefits

By Gavin | September 12, 2019

This is on how to claim your home depot benefits that you must pay,  they want to make sure that you learn how to capture and receive all these benefits, so what we need to do first?


Set up account

The first thing you need to do is go to, if you're returning member come in here, you're going to be a new Pro Rewards member. Please register a new account there, of course, if you need assistance there's a number right above, eight six six three three three three five five one. There are a couple of different ways you can get hold of us.

Now when you set up your account, it's going to look like this, what you need to do is go-to credit cards, now it's not going to debit you any money, it's not going to charge you anything, but we need to enter the credit cards that you normally spend on one. Because when you swipe that credit card through at Home Depot for a purchase we need to tie it to that number.

Add tenders or credit cards or gift cards

Please add all these tenders or credit cards or gift cards, whatever you're going to be paying with into the system, it is very important, remember those are called tenders. Just go to the count ID, tap Add Account and authorized ID card.

Now when you go to the Add New Card, you got to make sure that the code NR is displayed in the agreement code field, otherwise, you're not going to get any 2% cashback. If you want to percent cashback you need to make sure that is the code you put in there. I'm going to leave that there, you can just make sure what you're doing here and if you need to refer back to.

Review your transactions

You might want to review your transactions, you can see what you've done in the last 30 days, and you'll see you'll have a detailed report about the store name, their number, the transaction ID. If you gave it a job number what additional discount you received from that etcetera, everything.

Here's the copier receipt, even if you need that again, so that is all there for you and that will be underneath the transaction tabs. Here are the rules for your rebates. Do number one, as I've said before registering all forms of payments, these can be credit cards, debit cards, Home Depot cards, Discover Amex Visa or MasterCard, your gift cards, Home Depot or it can be store credit a project card or a rebate card.

The two due rules

If you are going to write checks register your checking account number against that, you need to make sure that if you ever get a new method of payment that you keep your pro extra account updated with all forms of payment. Those are the two due rules that you can't do.

Don't just use your phone number, Home Depot does not track phone numbers for rebates, please do not remove any registered form of payment, even if that card is no longer in use. When you remove the card you remove the complete sales history, instead, you just select it in the pro rule extra account function as inactive.

Please don't pay with cash, you can't get cashback on cash purchases, because home depot cannot track it, if you want to pay in cash, go buy a home depot gift card, and then log in with the gift card with your number. Be sure to register those and that's all to the Home Depot rebate program.